Self-Centered in NOT a bad word, it's actually the best place to live from, the center of ourselves. The most important relationship we have, the one from which every other relationship stems, is the one with our selves. Creating a consistent self-care practice is not selfish, it’s the way to healthy relationship - to ourselves and everyone else. For some of us, making our bed everyday might be an act of self-care, or getting into that bed earlier in the evening or out of it earlier in the day. For some, adding a 15 minute meditation practice or committing to taking a single mindful breath before we reach for the phone. What we do is less important than that we do. 


For me it was all about production. What did I have to show for my day? My week? My life? Caring for myself was not on the checklist. Caring for myself was a luxury. It was the reward for a day of hard work. Slowly it dawned on me, and still continues to dawn on me, if I am not well and cared for, nothing else is really very well and cared for. Taking the time to center my self isn’t selfish, it’s crucial. Not to say I don’t still get caught and distracted by “production” but now I do my best to use it as a cue to shift the balance, not to work harder, but to take better care of me.