When Devorah holds space in doing spiritual work, she does it with such love, deep compassion and integrity to the highest degree. She has a beautiful and loving way of navigating me through the work. When I had to face my path and walk through the fire she was there the whole time to hold my hand. I can’t speak highly enough about Devorah. She is very insightful... a true gift in the healing spiritual arts.
— FS
Devorah Medwin creates a sacred and special space in which wondrous things do happen! I received a ritual with her for my birthday and mere words can not explain how much of a gift it turned out to be! Through her sweet yet powerful guidance I was supported in receiving messages of gratitude, remembrances of precious past memories and wise suggestions on how I should live my life in order to find my fullest joy and truest expression of my highest self. It was all exactly what I needed to understand. Devorah Medwin is a true gift and a magical sage. I highly recommend the experience!
— ML
Having Devorah Medwin lead a ritual at my home was a life-changing experience for everyone in attendance… Devorah’s calming, gentle tone and strong spiritual presence invited us, and then enveloped us, as we embarked on a journey that led each of us, along our own path – while traveling as a group. We began the ritual as acquaintances or friends and completed it as sisters!
— SL
Devorah is a deeply spiritual person. A guide, an Earth Mother with a wonderful sense of humor. When you visit with her, you know you’re being heard. I wanted her to perform our wedding because I knew that she would design a service that came from love. She is so gifted with words. She took the time to meet with us so she could get a better understanding of what we mean to each other. She wanted to make sure that our families and friends were included in our service. She had our rings passed and asked that our guests say a prayer or blessing. She felt it was important for us to carry those blessings with us each day. She gave us an incredible gift. Each year on our anniversary, we pull out her vows and recite them to each other each year. Devorah takes great care in her work. She helps us all to believe in the power of healing.
— Katie and Ron Cisco
Having Devorah marry Dan and I was absolutely a highlight of a magical weekend. The care she took in preparing a meaningful ceremony and the sincerity and spirit she brought to such a special moment in time was priceless. Devorah brings love, integrity and spirit to everything she does and I recommend her a million times over.
— DP
Thank you Devorah for being the first Playwright to take the leap of faith into the unknown with me. Our R&D work in mixed-reality theater using multiplayer gaming environments was the first of its kind...back in 2012 before Google, Microsoft and Silicon Beach! Cheers to Us!
— Patty Rangel #WomenPioneers#InnovativeDramaturgy Special thanks to our collaborators in the virtual world #AvatarRepertoryTheater
When I met Devorah at an EVOroom event, I was experiencing anxiety along with health problems and I was feeling overwhelmed, fearful and at times-hopeless. I had no direction at the time and was not sure what path to take. Working with Devorah gave me the tools that I needed to push forward. She gave me coping mechanisms that I would have never even thought of; ideas that inspired my imagination to seek healing and self-love. She gave me a personal prescription plan that no doctor could even offer. Her work is from the heart-her desire to help others shows in everything that she does. Her guidance pointed me in the right direction; and I am well on my way to healing with a smoother path. I am beyond grateful for the tools Devorah gave me; they are something I can use forever to enhance my life experience. When I refer to Devorah I call her my “Healer”. Her work is unlike anything I have experienced. If you are seeking healing, self-discovery, insight, self-love, or whatever it may be I would recommend seeing Devorah; she may help open doors for you that you never thought possible
— AB