It's easy to understand the value in being physically healthy and fit - it feels good in the moment and it's critical over the long term. That’s the same for our emotional fitness. But what are the tools and where do we practice?

Devorah Medwin collaborates with healing practitioners, artists and designers to create tools and programs to help strengthen and develop our inner emotional & energetic core - to enrich the life we are living right now and to get in shape for the future! 

Devorah Medwin (New York Actors Studio) does a live reading of her play "Maggie" accompanied by her Second Life Avatar. This test happened after the entire play was performed live in Second Life with Avatar repertory Theater. Mixed-Reality Producer, Patty Range,l holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theater Producing from CalArts.


It takes practice…

“Talking and reading about exercise is not the same as actually exercising and won’t get us the results we might like! (New yoga clothes won’t do it either, I can say from personal experience.) It’s the same for Emotional Fitness. Getting in shape on the inside takes regular practice and exercise - the results not only help us when something big happens in life - emotional fitness enhances and enriches the life we’re living right now!”