Just like physical fitness, emotional fitness takes practice…

“Talking and reading about exercise is not the same as actually exercising, and it won’t get us those toned results we might be hoping for! It’s the same for Emotional Fitness. Getting in shape on the inside takes regular actual practice and exercise. With Emotional Fitness Training we take the wisdom out of the notebook and lecture hall and put it into practice.

Join me to learn the tools and exercises and get started on your personal emotional fitness program. Just like getting in physical shape helps us over the long term and in the moment, emotional fitness helps when the big things in life happen, and becoming emotionally agile enriches the day to day! ”

It's easy to understand the value in being physically healthy and fit - it feels good in the moment and it's critical over the long term. That’s the same for our emotional fitness. But what are the tools and where do we practice?

Devorah Medwin has a long history helping individuals and couples find the tools they need to develop a vibrant practice!  Sessions are tailored to fit the needs of the individual, their level of expertise and their time availability.


individual & couples sessions & ceremonies

Devorah is now seeing clients in New York City

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